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Your Best People

Hiring is just the first step of the journey. Retaining your key staff is crucial to your business. In the type of role we deal with, the cost of replacing a key member of staff can easily top £50k when recruitment, training, and loss of productivity are factored in.


We help advise on how to retain your key staff by providing culture strategies, onboarding plans, and benefit auditing.


Key Staff Retention

In every business we’ve worked in or owned, we’ve clearly seen how important the retention of key members of staff really is. Recruitment can be expensive, and replacing a role can cost a fortune in terms of loss of productivity and training time. Your key staff members should have a clear plan to keep them in place for the long-haul to help your business grow.


There’s a number of ways in which we can help your organisation with staff retention. The most popular of these include creating bespoke staff onboarding plans to get your staff in to the organisation on the right foot; crafting culture strategies to build your values into staff; development planning to ensure that your staff have a measurable and achievable plan in place for their future; and benefit auditing where we look at what you’re offering compared to others in the marketplace.


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